What is VULCAN®?

Designed exclusively for professional training, VULCAN® is the only platform able to analyze in real time the assessments of students training in VR or AR.

VULCAN® offers the following capabilities:

Better control of the training

Manage every aspect of your exercises

Successful learning

Ensure trainee skill achievement

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VULCAN® flexibility

VULCAN® adapts to your needs and can connect to any virtual training tool. Choose the solution that fits your requirements.

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Training center

To manage your virtual and augmented reality training tools, connect them to VULCAN®. You can customize your training courses and exercises to match the skills of your trade.

Software publisher

VULCAN® is easy to install on any XR training solutions (VR and AR). Customers are able to benefit from the platform features thanks to the development kit we make available.

Corporate Academies

By connecting to your virtual training tools, VULCAN® adapts to the concerns of your employees or partners:

  • Train according to your company skills base
  • Identify new talent
  • Increase your training profitability

A user friendly interface

VULCAN® is a web browser that manages your VR/AR training in an easy way!

Future of professional training

Discover how VULCAN® can improve your training thanks to its various features.

Connect VULCAN® to all your simulators

VULCAN® allows you to follow training activity from any simulator dedicated to manual trade.

Manage your classes

Trainers and pedagogical managers can create and manage profiles per class, group or by individual.

Follow the activity on simulator

Follow up in real time the assessment of your students working on VR/AR pedagogical tools.


Analyze skills

For the first time, objectively analyze your trainee's skills. Accuracy, speed and gesture qualification: VULCAN® fits every trade.

Centralize your results

VULCAN® documents the results from trainees working in VR/AR simulations. The platform analyzes the results and stores it in its database.

Personalized training paths

Adapt VULCAN® to your pedagogical approach by personalizing training paths of trainees according to their results.

Enjoy a user-friendly platform

VULCAN® offers easy management thanks to its ergonomic and user-friendly interface.

Share collected information

Among trainers, administrators or with your trainees, develop engagement around your training by communicating results.

Choose the offer that fits your needs

Whoever you are, we have a solution adapted to your needs.

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Choose the offer that fits you


  • With its API, VULCAN can easily be installed on all your simulators and provides you a tracking of the activity adapted to your solutions


  • Manage your simulators, your exercises and your training paths, visualize the results of your trainees and benefits from a skills analysis

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